Curriculum Enrichment

Warren Junior has always been proud of the academic achievement of its pupils, especially in reading, writing, grammar and maths. Warren Junior School has always been keen to ensure that children receive a well rounded and full curriculum. We acknowledge that children have different talents and that some children will aspire to be artists and musicians and we want to both nurture that talent and give children every opportunity to develop their interests. The Governing Body are keen to ensure that every activity is available to pupils without cost. It is for this reason that many of the enrichment experiences available to pupils take place within the school day. Below is an example of just some of the enrichment activities available to pupils

Actual Game of Life

Children in Year 6 are having weekly lessons entitled The Actual Game of Life. Every week children learn skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the next steps of their journey through life. The skills taught include being financially responsible, developing good values and taking responsibility for their own actions.

Music at Warren Junior School

I am delighted to inform you that Warren Junior School has been awarded with the National Music Mark Award. Warren Junior School has always placed a high value on a quality music education, and we are very pleased with this recognition. We will continue to work closely with the Barking and Dagenham Community Music Service to ensure that every child receives at least 2 years instrumental tuition from a specialist teacher. Later in the term all year groups will have the opportunity to listen to live music from professional musicians with planned visits from an orchestra and West End performers.

Drama lessons

Mr Leat is now delivering drama lessons across Year 3. Mr Leat is a professional actor who works with children to develop their communication skills and promote confidence when speaking with both their peers and adults. Sessions with Mr Leat include developing debating skills, improvisation and they are always fun. Children across Year 3 are enjoying the lessons and look forward to them every week.


Mrs Solanki is Warren Junior School’s newly appointed specialist language teacher. Mrs Solanki teaches French to every class every week. Within these lessons children learn to speak, read and write in French. The lessons also focus on French culture with children learning about French music, art and food.

Interactive science experiences

Throughout the year we always ensure children receive inspirational lessons from specialists within their specific field. This term Warren Junior School will be visited by several scientists. The science enrichment days will focus on different areas and will include exploring sound, space and staying healthy. The experiences are always very practical, immersive, support the curriculum and are a lot of fun!

Internet Safety

Children throughout the school receive regular lessons and assemblies on cyber safety. Within these lessons children are taught the importance of not sharing private information and importantly being honest with adults. Warren Junior School has recently received the 2nd level of the National Internet Safety Award for its commitment to providing a safe environment for children to learn online and the content of the E-Safety lessons delivered. Should you want to know more information on how to keep your child safe online there is now a new page on the school website.


Hard Federation

 On behalf of the staff, pupils and governors of Furze Infants and Warren Junior School I would like to welcome you to our federation. We are two schools working together under one Governing Body for the benefit of our pupils and the success of the community we live in.

We believe our schools gain from working collaboratively, more importantly, we strive to provide a seamless transition for our pupils between the two schools.

Mr. G. Wilder OBE

Executive Consultant

A WELCOME FROM THE EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT A Welcome from the Chair of Governors