Eva Hart

Eva Hart was born on 31st January 1905 in Ilford Essex. When Eva was seven years old her parents decided to take her to America and travel on the Titanic. The Titanic was the largest boat in the world at the time and it was said that the boat was unsinkable. Unfortunately Titanic sank on its maiden voyage and 1503 people died after the ship collided with an ice berg in the Atlantic Ocean. Eva Hart and her mum were fortunate to survive, however her father was not so fortunate and lost his life.

Eva Hart became an MBE for her political and public services in London. She regularly visited schools in Barking and Dagenham to tell children of her time on the Titanic.


Eva Hart.jpg Credit: Bettmann Archive/Bettmann




Hard Federation

 On behalf of the staff, pupils and governors of Furze Infants and Warren Junior School I would like to welcome you to our federation. We are two schools working together under one Governing Body for the benefit of our pupils and the success of the community we live in.

We believe our schools gain from working collaboratively, more importantly, we strive to provide a seamless transition for our pupils between the two schools.

Mr. G. Wilder OBE

Executive Consultant

A WELCOME FROM THE EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT A Welcome from the Chair of Governors