Child Mental Health

At Warren Junior, you will no doubt be aware, that we have been using The Thrive Approach, to plan our Wellbeing curriculum; adapt our teaching, to best meet the needs of our pupils and help them to become more emotionally resilient. Together our aim is to support the development of confident, curious, creative and capable children.

Please find a copy of the Warren Junior School Pupil Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health document below.


 Warren Junior School Pupil Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health


Yours in Thrive,

Mrs. Taylor

Emotional Wellbeing Co-ordinator


Below is a list of additional resources that you may find supportive, however I would urge you to contact Mrs Taylor, Mrs Simmonds or Mr Harber should you have any concerns about any child's mental health.


Life is full of uncertainty, particularly in recent years: stress and anxiety levels in children and adults have increased in an unprecedented way.  Now is the time to do all we can to protect our mental health and the mental health of those we love. Children, teens, and young adults are particularly affected by intensified uncertainty.

The links below are to organisations who are offering support during this time.


Purple Mash Lets talk about mental health toolkit for parents 

The Youth Mental Health Project

The Child Mind Institute

The Children's Mental Health Campaign

Young Minds


If your child is worried about scary news


In this digital age it is virtually impossible to stop children from finding out about upsetting news events, such as terrorism, war and violent crime, that they may find traumatic.

Advice from the Mental Health Foundation includes:

  • do not try to blackout all exposure to news; this is both unlikely to succeed and could actually increase their fears
  • be truthful about what has happened
  • let them know it is normal to be concerned and tell them you are also concerned
  • encourage them to ask questions if they seem unclear about what has happened
  • reassure them that you will do everything you can to keep them safe

The Mental Health Foundation has more advice about talking to your children about scary world news.



Hard Federation

 On behalf of the staff, pupils and governors of Furze Infants and Warren Junior School I would like to welcome you to our federation. We are two schools working together under one Governing Body for the benefit of our pupils and the success of the community we live in.

We believe our schools gain from working collaboratively, more importantly, we strive to provide a seamless transition for our pupils between the two schools.

Mr. G. Wilder OBE

Executive Consultant

A WELCOME FROM THE EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT A Welcome from the Chair of Governors