School Clubs


Warren Junior has always been proud of the academic achievement of its pupils, especially in Reading, Writing, Grammar and Mathematics.

We have also always been keen to ensure that children receive a well-rounded and full curriculum. We acknowledge that children have different talents and that some children will aspire to be artists or musicians and we want to both nurture that talent and give children every opportunity to develop their interests.

The staff and Governing Body have always keen to ensure that every activity is available to every without cost. It is for this reason that many of the enrichment experiences available to pupils take place within the school day, either within lesson time or as a club. If there is a significant take up for some clubs then participation will be on a rotational basis. On occasions there may be a competitive element to some clubs. When this is the case every child will be able to try out for the club, but the team may be selected for competitive reasons. 

Some clubs happen during lunch time and some after school

Spring Term 2023

Year 3

 Year 4

Year 5 Year 6
Pokémon club Music Technology Quiet Club Dodgeball
Mindfulness Mindfulness Uno Quiet Club
Homework Lego Reading Bollywood Dancing
Board games Dodgeball Dodgeball Netball 
Dodgeball Multi Skills Indoor athletics  Football 
Multi Skills Eco Art Club Eco Art Club Indoor athletics 
Eco Art Club  Bollywood Dancing Football - Girls & Boys Eco Art Club



Hard Federation

 On behalf of the staff, pupils and governors of Furze Infants and Warren Junior School I would like to welcome you to our federation. We are two schools working together under one Governing Body for the benefit of our pupils and the success of the community we live in.

We believe our schools gain from working collaboratively, more importantly, we strive to provide a seamless transition for our pupils between the two schools.

Mr. G. Wilder OBE

Executive Consultant

A WELCOME FROM THE EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT A Welcome from the Chair of Governors